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venus in me

I know the game

Posted on 2009.12.29 at 06:07

venus in me

The lost one...

Posted on 2008.09.03 at 19:04
State of Mind: restlessrestless
So I'm back, if anyone still remembers me that is. I have so much to say to all of you I doubt I can even begin to describe it right now. It overwhelms me so much I'm just going to sit around in a daze for a while.

Still love you all. Missed you all.

venus in me

Oh, but you can't escape the change

Posted on 2007.07.01 at 15:57
...and instead I reveled in it.
Hi, I'm not sure you'd like me now, I'm so far from the one who left this place in a flash all that time ago.
But we can try and get along again, because I've missed you all.

venus in me
Posted on 2004.03.27 at 01:56
State of Mind: rave on
What I Hear: Dj Twighlight-"Drug Cyber Rage"
Dear "Walking Contradiction",

Just so you'd know for the future and all:

Before bitching about something scene, you should at least have the intelligence to do some research. Otherwise, you sound just like all the supposed "morons" who you apparently hate so much.
With all this new found and oh so passionate antagonism, you should know the difference between a doof and a rave, surley.

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, d00d.

The Gabba Queen

venus in me


Posted on 2004.03.26 at 22:04
Fighting is childish.

I want you all to be happy.

venus in me

I Am Deep and Aching Inside

Posted on 2004.03.26 at 21:55
State of Mind: amusedamused
I feelCollapse )

venus in me


Posted on 2004.03.26 at 21:36
State of Mind: draineddrained
What I Hear: Cypress Hill-"Rock Superstar"
My new coffee maker doesn't work. That's what you get for $4.OO at a dollar store. Oh well.
We watched Pirates Of The Caribbean on DVD last night and to be honest, it was the most overrated piece of shit I've ever seen. I might as well watch Little Mermaid over again.
Speaking of pirates and the hype that surrounds them. Oi, fuckers! How many of you have heard about Cartoon Network's Pirates Of The Dark Waters? Hmm? It was the old school cartoon from the 90s! It was like, totally better than the Jonny Depp one
In other news, Josh is a Sexmachine.

Posted on 2004.03.19 at 21:09
State of Mind: happyhappy
What I Hear: Slick Idiot-"Under My Wheels"
Our dog can suck his own dick.

Bridget and I discovered that En Esch's voice sounds exactly like that guy in Aqua! It's eh...they are both European....that means they're totally related, man! They know the GAME!

venus in me
Posted on 2004.02.28 at 17:12
State of Mind: accomplishedaccomplished
What I Hear: Dj Neophyte-"A Way Of Life"
I haven't been this happy in a while.

There are some things I wish were there, like for my inspiration to become my friend and not being angry at me.
And for Bridget to move in with us and listen to gabba gabba non-stop.

Oi, fuckers! We're so much better than you.

Hello Again to academic life, oi